New Zealand

Some Important Facts

  1. An island which lies in the southern hemisphere, south to Australia.
  2. Fully independent member of the common Wealth.
  3. Constitutional monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II being the Queen, represented by Governor General, who ratifies all the laws by the elected New Zealand parliament.
  4. Population  - Approximately 4.4 million.
  5. Area is roughly comparable to that of great Britain or Japan.
  6. Capital city: Wellington
  7. Other Important cities: Auckland, Christ church, Hamilton, Dunedin etc.
  8. Climate  - New Zealand has a mild climate.
  9. Seasons  - Summer starts in December and runs through to the end of February, whilst winter falls in the middle of the year, starting in June.
  10. Education : British based education system. The qualification is highly respected world wide.
  11. Rich in natural beauty.



How to Apply

Major Steps:


  1. Apply for the course/ at a chosen institution (college / university).
  2. The institution will issue you an offer letter if the requirements are fulfilled.
  3. Apply for student visa. You will be granted visa if the requirements are fulfilled.
  4. Send the tuition fees after visa grant.