1. The largest island and the 5th largest country occupying virtually entire Australia (the smallest continent).
  2. A member of British commonwealth.
  3. Political division: 6 states (i. Queensland ii. New South Wales iii. Victoria iv. South Australia and v. Western Australia and vi. Tasmania, a separate island state) + two external territories.
  4. The Capital city: Canbera
  5. The largest city: Sydney
  6. Government is of three levels (federal, state and local)
  7. Language : about 83% of Australians speak English at home.
  8. Most of the Australian people are of British and Irish origin. Only about 2% of them are indigenous.
  9. Population: More than 23,000,000
  10. One of the most popular destinations for the international students.
  11. Climate: Ranges from tropical climate in the north and temperate climate in the south.
  12. One of the world’s richest countries in terms of natural beauty.
  13. Education system is in three tires, primary, secondary and post secondary/ tertiary (vocational, and higher education).
  14. An academic year has two intakes, February and July being the first and second intakes respectively.
  15. Application process should be begun at least three months in advance.


  1. Research and select education provider and course and apply for it.
  2. If you are accepted, you will be sent an offer of the course and tuition fee with some conditions.
  3. If you accept the offer, send the OHSC and tuition fee (generally of one semester) and get electronic confirmation of the payment (CoE).
  4. Apply for visa.
  5. You may be interviewed if felt necessary.
  6. If your GTE is maintained, you will be issued student visa.



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Colleges in Australia

  1. Academics Australasia
  2. Australian Centre of Further Education
  3. Australian College of Management & Technology
  4. Australian International Language College
  5. Australian School of Medical Imaging
  6. Australian Technical College Western Australia
  7. Australian Technical Management College
  8. Australian National College
  9.  Vibe College
  10. Queensford College
  11. Choice Business College
  13. Sydney Metro College
  14. International Institute for Professional Development
  15. Jabin Hopkins Institute of Technology
  16. St. George Sutherland Community College
  17. Southern Cross Education Institute
  18. TAFE-SA
  19. Universal Institute of Technology
  20. University of Sunshine Coast
  21. Hamro Institute of Business & Technology
  22. Angad Australian Institute of Business & Technology
  23. Australian National Institute of Business & Technology
  24. Adelaide Institute of Business & Technology